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"In 2006 we set out to create an athlete monitoring system, that embodied ease of use, value for money and class leading accuracy. In achieving those goals we have always worked directly with the athletes, coaches and sports scientists who use the product. The essence of VX Sport is to empower athletes to improve their physical potential, reduce their risk of injury and ultimately to triumph." 

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Richard Snow - Founder & Managing Director




Cutting Edge Hardware

VX Sport’s wearable technology is recognized globally for providing the most accurate and reliable data to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries.

VX Sport offers professional level accuracy across our whole product range, with no loss of quality.

Coaches can download data after training sessions or matches with all VX Log units. Our premium VX Live Log even allows you allows you to monitor your athletes in real time, using the smallest receiver on the market.

Innovative, easy-to-use software

VX Sport's easy to use software has been designed to enable coaches and trainers to get the data they need, quickly and easily. Millions of data points are calculated into key decision making metrics, automatically ensuring your data is available when you need it. Your VX Sport data is available anywhere via VX Cloud, allowing coaches and athletes to keep track of their performance whenever and wherever they are.

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Teams with the VX advantage

Since 2008 VX Sport has developed a deep understanding of athletes and coaches by staying close to our teams. These relationships help us to continually innovate and deliver the competitive advantages they need to compete and succeed.  

  • We are constantly striving for ways to maintain and improve upon Stanford’s standards of excellence so empowering our student-athletes with every opportunity to succeed is essential. The players love having access to the VX Sport data in the same way as MLS and EPL players do.

    Jeremy Gunn

    Stanford University Men’s Soccer Coach

  • We can cover 14km+ in a one day international game of cricket. The feedback VX provides allows me to recover effectively and prepare me for the next day’s play. The information is powerful because it improves the way we look at the nutritional and fitness requirements specific to the game. It’s a huge jump forward in understanding the sport.

    Grant Elliott

    New Zealand International Cricketer

  • VX Sport worked with us to identify which metrics would give us the best indication of physical performance. It makes it easy to then adjust trainings and better monitor workloads. We are not collecting numbers for the sake of having them, we are collecting targeted numbers to influence performance.

    Andrew Beardmore

    Super Rugby Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • We love having hard data to create competition within our team, and to compare our players with the US National Team standards. VX Sport is major part of our daily operations at UCLA.

    Amanda Cromwell

    Women's Soccer Head Coach

  • The VX Sport system is very reliable and can be quickly used for ‘real world programming’. It gives us great feedback for establishing positional norms, setting sessions goals, and balancing the volume/intensity of our players’ workload.

    Nic Gill

    All Blacks Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • I’ve always found the VX Sport system simple and effective to use. The level of service provided has always been first rate and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending VX Sports.

    Craig Walker

    International Rugby League S&C